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Mass Intentions

Sun. Oct. 8th

8:30 AM – ++Hieronim & Roza Piwowarczyk, req. by Ilona & Family

12:00 PM – +Paul Muirhead, req. by Joie Muirhead

Memorial Candle: +Paul Muirhead, req. by Joie Muihead

Sat. Oct. 14th

4:00 PM – ++Steve & Viola Kuryk, req. by Anne Lamothe

Sun. Oct. 15th

8:30 AM – ++Lawrence, Ciss, Joseph & Martin Egan, req. by the Issigonis Family

12:00 PM – +Manuel Maranan, req. by Wilson Maranan

Memorial Candle: +Manuel Javier, req. by Marvin Javier & Family

Sat. Oct. 21st

4:00 PM – For Parishioners of St. Ann

Sun. Oct. 22nd

8:30 AM – +Nicholas Slykerman, req. by Maria Slykerman & Family

12:00 PM – Healing for Roberto & Antonio Salonga, req. by Rose Castell

Memorial Candle: +Thomas Ferguson, req. by Elizabeth Ferguson

Sat. Oct. 28th

4:00 PM – No request

Sun. Oct. 29th

8:30 AM – +Alessandro Loscerbo, req. by the Loscerbo Family

12:00 PM – No request

Memorial Candle: No request

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